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PASSOVER CEREMONY: Thursday, 29 March 2018 At Sunset

One Nation Under God Ministries (

The LORD’s Passover Ceremony

Opening Music: THE SACRIFICE LAMB  (Opening Prayer)

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Let Me Ask YOU: “Why are we here tonight?”

Most of the 2 Billion human beings who call themselves “Christians” on the planet earth today; know by memory, or can recognize John 3:16 as the Words of Jesus Christ. Yet the overwhelming majority of them have absolutely no idea that Salvation has come to humanity only through The LORD’s Passover! Of the small percentage of self-professing “Christians” who do keep Passover each year, the great majority of them will do so incorrectly and on the wrong day, simply because they copy the Jews, or some religious teacher - without proving Biblical Truth for themselves (1 Thessalonians 5:21). In a few minutes we will be turning to John 6:26-71 and will read the Truth of God for ourselves! We must eat the Flesh of the Son of Man tonight, and drink His Blood; or we do not have LIFE in us – no matter how many times we may recite, or believe in John 3:16!!!

The Church of God, founded by Jesus Christ, observes Passover this year, after Sunset, on Thursday, 29 March 2018 (if we are going to refer to the modern Roman / Gregorian calendar); but we must always determine WHEN to keep Passover by using ONLY the Bible, the first New Moon of the God’s calendar year, and the solar season of Spring, as given to us by God (Genesis 1:14-19).

What is a New Moon?

Passover Timing Info: Our Church Headquarters is located in Naples, Florida, USA, and so we observe the moon phases here. On Thursday, March 15th, 2018 there was no moon visible in the sky (this is what we call an old moon). Then on Friday, March 16th, 2018 there was the first sliver of the new moon visible to the naked eye. The chart above shows the first 29 phases of a 30 day lunar month; the last day is simply a black moon which is not visible to us.

You should know that the moon appears exactly the same to all people, anywhere in the world, at the same time. The Jews keep their Passover on the 15th day of the new year (most use the Babylonian name of Nissan for the month, instead of Aviv or Abib – which means simply “first month”); and the Jews will officially be keeping their “Jewish Passover”, this year, on Friday evening, 31 March 2018 (what they call the 15th day of Nisan, in the year 5778 - just exactly as they did in the year they crucified Christ; the Jews will keep it one day too late!). We, however, use Jesus and Leviticus 23:1-8 to show us that we should keep The LORD’s Passover on the 14th day of Aviv (God’s First Month of the year)!

The Circle of the Earth:

Sabbath begins when the sun sets where you are; not in Israel.

God sits on the circle of the earth: “Have ye not known? Have ye not heard? Hath it not been told you from the beginning? Have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in!!!” (Isaiah 40:21-22).

The circle of the earth is the moving line between day and night that covers all the earth each 24 hour period. So God ushers in Sabbath worldwide as the sun sets, each Friday, in each nation, at different times over a 24 hour period (Genesis 1:3-5)!!! God is GOD!!!

Therefore a new month begins on the same day around the world, over a 24 hour period at sunset. And so, Passover begins this Thursday evening, March 29, 2018, at sunset wherever you are in the world - when the sun sets at your location. So Peace! Enjoy your Passover with us tonight!!!

The Bible Commands us in Leviticus 23:4-5: “These are the Feasts of the Lord, even Holy Convocations (gatherings), which ye shall proclaim in their seasons. In the fourteenth day of the first month, at even (or sundown), is the Lord's Passover!!!”

Jesus Christ, the unchanging God of the Old Testament (Malachi 3:6 / Hebrews 13:8 / 1 Corinthians 10:1-4), the Same One who had given Adam and Eve (Genesis 4:1-7), Noah (2 Peter 2:5 / Psalm 119:172 / Malachi 3:6), and Abraham the Ordinance of Passover in their days (Genesis 12:1-9, 18:14-19, 19:1-17 / Exodus 12:1-6, 40-44); was now fulfilling a promise He made to Abraham on the night of Passover, 430 years previously – by returning the SAME ordinance of Passover to Moses and Abraham’s children (the enslaved Hebrew nation of Israel) – on The Night Of The Exodus Passover: Sundown, the 14th day of Aviv, in the year 1446 B.C.

From out of the living waters of the Nile River, The LORD raised up “Moses” to fulfill the promise He made with Abraham 430 years previously (Galatians 3:17-18)! The LORD’s Passover is a Jesus Thing, instituted by Him one week after Creation (on the 14th day of the first month of God’s new year); it is still IN EFFECT today (Exodus 12:42-43; “in all their generations” – means from the time of Adam until Christ Returns!!!), and God intends for His New Testament Church to keep it, and to celebrate it, until Our LORD Jesus Christ Returns to keep this SAME Passover with us – in the World Tomorrow (Matthew 26:26-30)!!!

The Night To Be Much Observed AND The Lord’s Passover are ONE and the SAMETHING! They occur on the 14th day of the first month; THEN the First Day of Unleavened Bread occurs on the 15th day of the first month! We CANNOT combine them as the Jews do! The Angel of Death (on the 14th day) was the punch in Pharaoh’s nose, which allowed the Hebrews to Escape Egypt (on the 15th day). Remember, the Hebrews were FLEEING on the 15th day, they were NOT Feasting; and Jesus died on the 14th!!!

Here is a Biblical Timeline showing dates of God’s Continuing Promise, from the time God made it to Abraham on Passover of 1917 B.C.; right up until the Exodus from Egypt, on Passover 1487 B.C. (430 years later)!!!                

Patriarch: Age



Years from Promise

Years to Exodus

Abraham: 75

God makes Promise to Abraham and he departs from Haran with his whole household, on Passover Day. After sunset, now the 15th day; they actually leave Haran.

Genesis 12:1–9, 40-47



Moses: 80

Moses and Aaron speak to the Pharaoh beginning the Exodus from Egypt. Moses and all of Israel, depart towns of Goshen to Rameses on Passover Day. Then after sunset on the 15th day, they leave Egypt, enroute to Succoth.

Exodus 7:7;
Exodus 12:31–42, 50-51;
Galatians 3:16–17



Reading Deuteronomy 26:8 makes something extremely CLEAR, that MOST Jews today will totally miss:

“And the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt with a Mighty Hand, and with an Outstretched Arm, and with Great Terribleness, and with SIGNS (plural: meaning TWO, Passover AND The First Day of Unleavened Bread), and with Wonders:”

Signs (Exodus 31:12-18) are Holy Days! God began the Exodus on Passover DAY, because of the WONDERS He Did on Passover Evening. The Exodus, or the actual “departure”, only began during the daytime portion of Passover (which is A Sign or Holy Day), and only after plundering the Egyptians (a wonder); then AFTER walking from all the towns in Goshen to assemble in Rameses (on Passover / Daytime). AFTER the sun set, making it the evening of the First Day of Unleavened Bread (which is another Sign or Holy Day), ALL the children of Israel (that’s 2-3 million people walking with children, animals, possessions, and plunder) left Egypt proper (from Rameses to Succoth - during the Night of the 15th. In other words, they walked for almost 24 hours until sun up; without ANYONE tiring or growing weary (another wonder)! See Numbers 33:1-5.

The Passover Rift:

Let’s now examine a little more closely why there is a split among Jews, Messianic Jews, and even Christians who keep still keep the Passover; some on the 14th of day of Aviv, and some on the 15th day. What does the Bible really say about when we are to keep this Holy Day of God?

If we are listening to the voice of Jesus, we will see He showed His Disciples (and us today) how to avoid any confusion on this issue. Christ Leads; we simply Follow (John 10:4-5 / Exodus 13:21-22)! One Nation Under God Ministries

Aviv / Nisan 14

Aviv / Nisan 15





Lamb slain (after 6 p.m.)

Supper eaten that night.

Firstborn of Israel passed over.

Remain in houses until morning.

Gather their flocks and their herds and (all 2-3 million of them) travel from the land of Goshen, to the city of Rameses.

Spoil the Egyptians.

Leave Egypt from Rameses on 15th.

Leave Egypt by night, enroute to Succoth.

Israel walks all night until morning (24 hours)!

The Exodus begins!

This approach accounts for all the mentioned Scriptures (see below) and does so without any conflict.

Scripture really works!



Abraham feasted on the Evening of the 14th, and actually left Haran on the evening of the 15th, the same night that Moses left Egypt. Moses feasted on the Evening of the 14th, and left Egypt on the evening of the 15th (Moses obeyed God)! Jesus and His Disciples feasted on the Evening of the 14th (The LORD’s Passover); Jesus was dead and buried the night of the 15th (when the Jews kept “their” Jewish Passover – NOT The Lord’s)!!!

Jesus observed the Night To Be Much Observed on the 14th, and kept Passover on the 14th, the same night in which He was betrayed (Jesus obeyed God)! So, If Jesus kept Passover on the Evening of the 14th; SO SHOULD WE!!! And So We Are!!! :o)

Why then will so many Jews be keeping Passover on the WRONG night this year? That’s a Great Question!

Book: The Encyclopedia Judaica:

Originally published between the years, 1901-1906, it is considered the definitive source by many on Jewish life, culture, religion, and history; the standard work on Judaism.

The Encyclopedia Judaica states:

“The feast of Passover consists of two parts: The Passover ceremony and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Originally both parts existed separately; but at the beginning of the Exile they were combined” (Encyclopedia Judaica, Volume 13, page 170).

Wow! What an admission!  Consider the Biblical account of the Nation of Israel angering God by turning from His Ways (2 Kings 17:1-41). They did not repent, even in captivity, so God allowed the Babylonian system of measuring times, days, and seasons to become part of their reasoning… even to this very day!!!

King David Remembers Passover:

Let’s read how Kind David remembered the Signs (Passover and The Days of Unleavened Bread) and the Wonders (the Miracles of God) that God did through Moses because of the Promises made to Abraham!

Psalm 105:26-42, “He sent Moses his servant; and Aaron whom he had chosen. They shewed His Signs among them, and Wonders in the land of Ham. He sent darkness, and made it dark; and they rebelled not against His Word. He turned their waters into blood, and slew their fish. Their land brought forth frogs in abundance, in the chambers of their kings. He spake, and there came divers sorts of flies, and lice in all their coasts. He gave them hail for rain, and flaming fire in their land. He smote their vines also and their fig trees; and brake the trees of their coasts. He spake, and the locusts came, and caterpillers, and that without number, And did eat up all the herbs in their land, and devoured the fruit of their ground. He smote also all the firstborn in their land, the chief of all their strength. He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribes. Egypt was glad when they departed: for the fear of them fell upon them. He spread a cloud for a covering; and fire to give light in the night. The people asked, and He brought quails, and satisfied them with the bread of heaven. He opened the rock, and the waters gushed out; they ran in the dry places like a river. For He remembered His Holy Promise, and Abraham His servant.”

King David remembered God’s Holy Promise; that’s why he kept Passover on the 14th of Aviv too!!!

1) Jesus and His misunderstood words about the Passover and the Resurrection:

“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. But I said unto you, That ye also have seen me, and believe not. All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of Him that sent me. And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which He hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. And this is the will of Him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on Him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day” (John 6:35-40).

“The Jews then murmured at Him, because He said, I am the bread which came down from heaven. And they said, Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How is it then that He saith, I came down from heaven? Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves. No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me. Not that any man hath seen the Father, save he which is of God, he hath seen the Father.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life. I am that bread of life. Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world” (John 6:41-51).

“The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat? Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, ye have no life in you. Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him. As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me. This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever. These things said He in the synagogue, as He taught in Capernaum” (John 6:52-59).

2) God Commands That The Passover Feast Be Kept (Leviticus 23:1-8)

“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, Concerning the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my feasts.”

“Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day is the Sabbath of rest, an holy convocation; ye shall do no work therein: it is the Sabbath of the LORD in all your dwellings.

These are the feasts of the LORD, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons.

In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the LORD's Passover (In 2018, this day falls on Thursday, 29 March, at sundown).

And on the fifteenth day of the same month (beginning on Friday, 30 March 2018, at sundown) is the feast of unleavened bread unto the LORD: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread.

In the first day (of Unleavened Bread, at sundown on Friday, 30 March until sundown on Friday, 06 April), ye shall have an holy convocation (gathering): ye shall do no servile work therein.”

Keeping The Passover:

Being obedient unto God, Members of One Nation Under God Ministries will take off work, if necessary; and meet on Thursday evening, 29 March (Passover evening) to keep the LORD’s Passover Feast just as Jesus and His disciples did (the very same night in which Jesus was betrayed)!

Let’s now read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 and prove this:

“For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, That the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread: And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me. After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me. For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till he come”.

Being obedient unto God, Members of One Nation Under God Ministries keep the LORD’s Passover Feast just as Jesus and His disciples did (on the same night that the angel of death Passed Over Egypt, and compelled Pharaoh, by the Mighty Hand of God, to let Israel leave!!!

Let’s read Exodus 12:40-42 and prove this too:

“Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the LORD went out from the land of Egypt. It is a night to be much observed unto the LORD for bringing them out from the land of Egypt: this is that night of the LORD, to be observed of all the children of Israel in their generations”.

Our Instructions for the Passover and The Days of Unleavened Bread that will follow:


We will gather at 7:00 pm (Thursday, 29 March 2018). Sundown is at 7:42 pm. Dinner will be served shortly after  sundown; The LORD’s Supper, and the Foot Washing Ceremony will follow (partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ is for Baptized Members of God’s Church only – we should remember Paul’s warning)!!!

Although it is not required, in the daytime portion of Passover Day (tomorrow after sunrise); God’s People usually take this time off work, so that we may study on Passover, what God’s Word says about Christ’s crucifixion – which happened at 3:00 p.m. on this Monday. We will gather at Noon, tomorrow (Friday, 30 March 2018) for Lunch, and to study the events that led to the Crucifixion, before watching the movie “The Passion of The Christ”. We try to time the movie to end with the Crucifixion of Christ, at about the same time in the afternoon that Christ died – three hours before sunset!

The First Day of Unleavened Bread:

On Friday evening, 30 March, at sundown, The First Day of Unleavened Bread begins; which is a Holy Day! On this day we are commanded NOT to work until sundown Saturday, 31 March 2018.

We will then meet on Saturday (Sabbath) at 9 am. Please join us for a great breakfast and a Holy Day Bible Study, as we read the Scriptures that explain why God made this Holy Feast Day - The First Day of Unleavened (Bible Study begins on Saturday, 31 March 2018, at 10:00 am).

The Last Day of Unleavened Bread:

“But ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD seven days: in the seventh day (of Unleavened Bread, beginning at sundown on Thursday, 05 April 2018) is an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein” (Leviticus 23:8).

Being obedient unto God, church members should take this day off work, and meet in the daytime portion of this Holy Day at 9:00 am on Friday, 06 April 2018 [The Last Day of Unleavened Bread] for breakfast and a Bible Study about this Holy Feast Day to God.


God tells the members of His Church to bring an offering, when we assemble before Him on Holy Days, as each man purposes in his heart (2 Corinthians 9:6-8 / Exodus 25:1-9 / Malachi 3:6-12). This would be applicable to us this year on this coming Saturday, 31 March 2018 (The First Day of Unleavened Bread), and also on Friday, 06 April 2018 (The Last Day of Unleavened Bread). Let’s read:

“But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering: of every man that giveth it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering. And this is the offering which ye shall take of them: gold, and silver, and brass…” (Exodus 25:1-9).

“For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed! Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from Mine Ordinances, and have not kept them! Return unto Me, and I will return unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return? Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed Me!!! But ye say, Wherein have we robbed Thee? In Tithes and Offerings!!! Ye are cursed with a Curse: for ye have robbed Me, even this whole nation!!! Bring ye all the Tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in Mine House, and prove Me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the Windows of Heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it!!! And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts! And all nations shall call you Blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD of hosts!!!” (Malachi 3:6-12).

God tells us NOT to pass a collection plate at church services! He leaves the responsibility of Tithing and Offerings up to the Individual Disciple, and to each head of each household; for them to contribute to whatever fold of His Sheep, which God has attached them to (John 10:16). But make no mistake, when you come before the True God, there are curses or blessings associated with How we Worship God, and with How we Honor Him with our finances! So this evening, and this week; make sure you have examined yourself, and your finances, before your Heavenly Father.

3) Why Do We Keep The Passover? Let’s Read The Passover Story (Exodus 12:1-43)!!!

“And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying, This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you. Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for an house: And if the household be too little for the lamb, let him and his neighbour next unto his house take it according to the number of the souls; every man according to his eating shall make your count for the lamb. Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats: And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening.”

Jesus is our Passover Lamb (John 1:29)!!!

“The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.”

Continuing in Exodus 12:7-43:

“And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it. And they shall eat the flesh in that night, roast with fire, and unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs they shall eat it. Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with water, but roast with fire; his head with his legs, and with the purtenance thereof. And ye shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire. And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: it is the LORD's Passover.

For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD. And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.”

Continuing in Exodus 12:14-43:

“And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever. Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread; even the first day ye shall put away leaven out of your houses: for whosoever eateth leavened bread from the first day until the seventh day, that soul shall be cut off from Israel. And in the first day there shall be an holy convocation, and in the seventh day there shall be an holy convocation to you; no manner of work shall be done in them, save that which every man must eat, that only may be done of you. And ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread; for in this selfsame day have I brought your armies out of the land of Egypt: therefore shall ye observe this day in your generations by an ordinance for ever.”

“In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at even, ye shall eat unleavened bread, until the one and twentieth day of the month at even. Seven days shall there be no leaven found in your houses: for whosoever eateth that which is leavened, even that soul shall be cut off from the congregation of Israel, whether he be a stranger, or born in the land. Ye shall eat nothing leavened; in all your habitations shall ye eat unleavened bread.”

“Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the Passover. And ye shall take a bunch of hyssop, and dip it in the blood that is in the bason, and strike the lintel and the two side posts with the blood that is in the bason; and none of you shall go out at the door of his house until the morning. For the LORD will pass through to smite the Egyptians; and when he seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on the two side posts, the LORD will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you. And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for ever.”

Continuing in Exodus 12:25-43 (Proverbs 22:6):

“And it shall come to pass, when ye be come to the land which the LORD will give you, according as he hath promised, that ye shall keep this service. And it shall come to pass, when your children shall say unto you, What mean ye by this service? That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the LORD's Passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped. And the children of Israel went away, and did as the LORD had commanded Moses and Aaron, so did they. And it came to pass, that at midnight the LORD smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of cattle. And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead. And he called for Moses and Aaron by night, and said, Rise up, and get you forth from among my people, both ye and the children of Israel; and go, serve the LORD, as ye have said. Also take your flocks and your herds, as ye have said, and be gone; and bless me also. And the Egyptians were urgent upon the people, that they might send them out of the land in haste; for they said, We be all dead men.”

“And the people took their dough before it was leavened, their kneading troughs being bound up in their clothes upon their shoulders. And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians. And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand on foot that were men, beside children. And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle.”

Continuing in Exodus 12:39-43”

“And they baked unleavened cakes of the dough which they brought forth out of Egypt, for it was not leavened; because they were thrust out of Egypt, and could not tarry, neither had they prepared for themselves any victual. Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the LORD went out from the land of Egypt. It is a night to be much observed unto the LORD for bringing them out from the land of Egypt: this is that night of the LORD to be observed of all the children of Israel in their generations. And the LORD said unto Moses and Aaron, This is the ordinance of the Passover: There shall no stranger eat thereof”.

4) Passover Prayer and The Blessing of Meal / Supper

5) How To Keep The Passover: Let every man examine himself. Eat first so you are not hungry (1 Corinthians 11:1-2, 20-34).

“Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you.”

“When ye come together therefore into one place, this is not to eat the Lord's supper. For in eating every one taketh before other his own supper: and one is hungry, and another is drunken. What? have ye not houses to eat and to drink in? or despise ye the church of God, and shame them that have not? what shall I say to you? shall I praise you in this? I praise you not. For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread: And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.”

Continuing in 1 Corinthians 11:25-34:

“After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, this cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me. For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till he come. Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.”

“But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.”

“For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.”

“For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.”

“But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world. Wherefore, my brethren, when ye come together to eat, tarry one for another.”

“And if any man hunger, let him eat at home; that ye come not together unto condemnation. And the rest will I set in order when I come.”

6) How Jesus Kept The Passover (Matthew 26: 1-29):

“And it came to pass, when Jesus had finished all these sayings, he said unto his disciples, Ye know that after two days is The Feast of The Passover, and the Son of Man is betrayed to be crucified. Then assembled together the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders of the people, unto the palace of the high priest, who was called Caiaphas, And consulted that they might take Jesus by subtilty, and kill him. But they said, Not on the feast day (meaning the First Day of Unleavened Bread), lest there be an uproar among the people.”

Continuing in Matthew 26:6-13

The Woman with the Alabaster Box of Precious Ointment:

“Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat. But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste? For this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor. When Jesus understood it, he said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me. For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always. For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial. Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her.”

Continuing in Matthew 26:14-25

30 Pieces of Silver:

“Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. And from that time (two days before Passover) he sought opportunity to betray Him.

Now the first day of the feast of unleavened bread (this was actually the day BEFORE Passover, or the morning of the day which after sunset, would become Passover evening) the disciples came to Jesus, saying unto Him, Where wilt thou that we prepare for Thee to eat the Passover? And He said, Go into the city to such a man, and say unto him, The Master saith, My time is at hand; I will keep the Passover at thy house with my disciples. And the disciples did as Jesus had appointed them; and they made ready the Passover. Now when the even (sundown on the 14th day of Aviv) was come, He sat down with the twelve. And as they did eat, He said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me. And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto Him, Lord, is it I? And He answered and said, He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me. The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It had been good for that man if he had not been born. Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I? He said unto him, Thou hast said.”

7) Following Jesus’ Example: (Partaking of the Bread and Wine). Matthew 26:26-29

“And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and Blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is My Body.”                        (We will now partake of Christ’s Body)                                                                   

“And He took the cup, and gave Thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; For this is My Blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

                                      (We will now partake of Christ’s Blood)

But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's Kingdom.”

When we drink the Blood of Christ, only at Passover each year; we have Jesus’ solemn promise, that we will drink it with Him at His Return to this earth, after He quickens us into Glorified Sons of God!!!

Matthew 6:9-10 “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy Will be done in earth, as it is in heaven!!!”

8) The Foot Washing - After The Passover Meal              (John 13:1-7)

“Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that His hour was come that He should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved His own which were in the world, He loved them unto the end. And supper being ended, the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray Him; Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that He was come from God, and went to God; He riseth from supper, and laid aside His garments; and took a towel, and girded Himself. After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded. Then cometh He to Simon Peter: and Peter saith unto Him, Lord, dost Thou wash my feet? Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. Peter saith unto Him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. Simon Peter saith unto Him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.”

“Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all. For He knew who should betray Him; therefore said He, Ye are not all clean. So after He had washed their feet, and had taken His garments, and was set down again, he said unto them, Know ye what I have done to you? Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you (Notice: Jesus washed His Disciples’ feet on the evening of the 14th of Aviv; then He Commanded them to do the same to each other). Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him. If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them (Jesus told Peter that if he did not have his feet washed, Peter would have no part in the Body of Christ! Now that you and I are also aware of this requirement for Salvation; let us DO what Christ Commands, and remain Sanctified, and BLESSED!).”

(We will now go in to wash one another’s feet)

9) Closing Prayer of Thanks and Dismissal

“And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives” (Matthew 26:30).

We invite you to join us tomorrow (Friday, 30 March 2018) at Noon, which is the daytime continuation of the Passover Holy Day; for Lunch, and a viewing of the movie “Passion of the Christ”. It is a solemn way reflect on the events leading up to and including Christ’s crucifixion.

“And when the sixth hour (12 o’clock Noon) was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the nineth hour (3 o’clock p.m.). And at the nineth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? Which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?

And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost. And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom. And when the centurion, which stood over against Him, saw that He so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man was the Son of God!”  (Mark 15:33-34, 37-39).

Let Us Pray…

10) Closing Hymn: Are You Washed in the Blood of The Lamb?

We were honored tonight, to have had you join us, in the observance of the LORD’s Passover! As we dismiss, let us go in peace. JESUS IS LORD!!!

One Nation Under God Ministries is Preparing This World for The Return of Jesus Christ; One Bible Study At A Time!

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